contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead

contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
Wrotycz Records 2008

01. she came and sat at lhamo lhatso the lake of visions (7:10) 02. yeshe tsogyal (6:14) 03. mandarava (4:42) 04. the lord of the copper mountain (4:52) 05. downward to the spheres of suffering (6:44) 06. beyond the potala gates (4:42) 07. gardens of yulokho (6:26) 08. the return (5:22)
composed: contemplatron / mixed: krzysztof horn / mastered: peter andersson

contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead


The DELOG experience is extraordinary, marvellous, even within the esoteric context of Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan word DELOG refers to one who has crossed the treshold of death and returned to tell about it.

The person who is recognised as DELOG lays without any sign of breath, pulse or body warmth for many days. During that his or her mind journeys to other realms of experience: the pure display of enlightened mind as well as existence within samsaric delusion and ignorance.

contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead Delog

Doświadczenie DELOG jest czymś nadzwyczajnym, niezwykłym nawet w kontekście ezoterycznej tradycji buddyzmu tybetańskiego. Tybetańskie słowo DELOG odnosi się do osoby, która przekroczyła próg śmierci, a następnie powróciła do świata żywych, by zdać relację ze swoich przeżyć w zaświatach.

Osoba, która została uznana za DELOGa leży przez wiele dni bez żadnych oznak oddechu, pulsu, ciepłoty ciała. W tym czasie jej umysł podróżuje do innych światów: czystych manifestacji oświeconego umysłu, jak też do sfer egzystencji ogarniętych przez iluzję i niewiedzę samsary.

contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead

contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead

:: Judas Kiss Magazine:
I must confess to some initial puzzlement at the prospect of having to review a Polish album dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism until it dawned on me that with its desolate landscapes, foreboding skies and majestic mountains, the Roof of the World offered first-class material for a dark-ambient treatment.

One of the last blank spots on the map, the Tibetan plateau has always held a deep fascination with Western audiences since its existence was first brought to their attention by Portuguese missionaries in the 17th century and Tibetan Buddhism, or Lamaism as it is sometimes referred to, exerts a spiritual influence extending far beyond its original borders. Westerners like Sir Francis Younghusband, Madame Blavatsky or Alexandra David-Néel have all been influenced by it to some degree* and that also seems to be the case with Jaroslaw Wierny, graphic designer and the man behind Contemplatron, already responsible for a highly acclaimed, similarly-themed opus on Polish label Wrotycz Records in 2005.

This second album, taking its name from a Tibetan word referring to someone who has experienced death and returned to tell about it, is not the kind of music that can be digested in a few cursory listens while commuting to work. To fully appreciate it means taking the time to do so ? and having quality headphones, too. Not as markedly rhythmical as Svasti-ayanam and distinctly less telluric than Herbst9, Contemplatron?s music is part of the minimalist school of dark-ambient, which is definitely fine by me but might disconcert those of us more accustomed to the, shall we say, ear-pleasing aspects of the genre. Not unlike the delog to which it is dedicated, the album is a rather meditative affair and, despite the obligatory presence of horns, chimes and religious chants here and there, contents itself largely with conjuring up monotonous soundscapes of the highest drone-like quality, lending the album a welcome consistency.

Pushing the Polish industrial scene further into the limelight and mastered by none other than Swedish virtuoso Peter Andersson (himself interested in all things Tibetan, as it were), this second release by Contemplatron also boosts some very nice artwork and is a most welcome addition to an ever-growing list of industrial / ambient works dedicated to the East. Of course, Delog might not help you achieve enlightenment or further the Tibetan cause one iota now that the Beijing Olympics are in full swing but it certainly makes for a rewarding listening experience.

/Grégory Dejaeger/

* no mention to grey-haired Hollywood actors here, please!

:: Heathen Harvest:
After the first opus “Antarabhava/The Six Realms”, inspired by the enigmatic mysticism of the Tibetan book of the dead, this Polish ritual act comes with this second album titled simply “delog” which explained deeply marks references to the one who has crossed the threshold of death and returned to tell about it. The person who is recognized as delog lays without any sign of death, pulse or body warmth for many days. During that his/her mind journeys to other realms of experience: the pure display of enlightment mind as well as existence within sansaric delusion and ignorance.

From such presets Contemplatron has released an album full of enigmatic mysticism and transcendentalism evoking in deep sonic mantras, highly inspired by Tibetan music. 8 compositions giving a sense of inner beauty and spiritual equilibrium to the well use of drone and elements as bells, gongs and eastern soundscapes which transport you to the most remote regions of Tibetan monks. The whole album has such capability to put you in a meditative state due the pureness calm and harmonic structures generated here, in a narrative sonic experience breaking the limits of rationality and subjectivity.

“Downward to the spheres of suffering” is one of such tracks with important elements in its own structure, due excellent percussive sounds and exploring different instruments sounds as effects, transforming themselves through the whole track. “beyond the potala gates” or “she came and sat at lhamo lhatso, the lake of visions” with its floating dense atmospheres and ritualistic ethereal spaces entering to the purification of your soul, or just to give you enough reasons to experience another spiritual patterns ready to let you go to its most inner core. “Gardens of Yulokho” is another great track to experience with low frequense vociferations, rhythmic effects and bells executed in a very creative way.

The album comes in a very beautiful white digi pack, with different colorful mandalas and Tibetan landscapes and a shape of Dakini mantra revealing through visual side the hidden truths, spiritual voyages of what you must experience hearing “Delog”. Remember that Tibetan Buddhism regards man not as a solitary figure but always in connection with and against an universal background in the same way Tibetan ritual music is not concerned with the emotions of a temporal individuality, but with the ever present timeless qualities of universal life. In which our personal joys and sorrows do not exist, so that we feel in communion with the very sources of reality in the deepest core of our being. And Contemplatron “delog” is the gate to enter the realms of absolute consciousness. Om mani peme hung.

/Edgar Kerval/

:: Gothronic:
In contemplation a man lies on a soft bed of moss under the trees at the edge of the forest near a silent stream, breathing slowly but deep. His pulse becomes slower and his body temperature decreases. His pulse is slow like the waves at the shore rushing slowly at the water edge with a soft murmur. The man can be recognised as Delog laying without any sign of breath, pulse or body warmth for many days. The man has crossed the threshold of death and has returned to tell about it. During this period his mind travels to other realms of experience to enlighten his mind and to purify his soul.

Delog is the second CD by Polish ambient act Contemplatron on Wrotyzc, a rather new label having released some real cool stuff already like Bocksholm and Necrophorus. Contemplatron is Jaroslaw Wierny making music within the esoteric context of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Music which is quite and meditative lifting up the listener to other levels of existence with drones and subtle patterns.

Slight melodies are evolving on soft layers of humming sounds lulling you to other dimensions and different state of mind. Multi layered ambient sounds subtle mixed with Tibetan ritual music with Instruments like bowls and gongs. There is a lot happening in these tracks attracting the attention of the listener to get deeper in this experience starting with the sounds of waves in “She came and sat in Lhamo Lhatsö the lake of Visions” slowly evolving with soft pulses to make you ready for travelling in “Yeshe Tsögyal”. More percussive it gets in “The Lord of Copper Mountain” and “Downward to the spheres of suffering” having a more ritualistic feel. If the void between life and death is like this I am not afraid anymore for this is fascinating and marvellous ambient with seductive and mesmerising sounds.

Eight strong ambient tracks before returning to the real world. Delog is a quality ambient release with great diversity and packed in a beautifully designed package with colourful Mandela’s. Delog has a desolate and mysterious atmospheres and is very melodic with faraway voices and traditional influences originally mixed in the music which give Contemplatron an own sound. When there are just a little more dynamics in the next release Contemplatron can be a big one.

Grade: 7.5


:: Mechanoise Labs:
45 minutes of serene compositions and ritualistic instrumentations, with an overall tone that would fit somewhere between Exotoendo and Herbst9.

:: Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys (the Dead Music Union):
Every once in a while I get into my hands a record from a completely unknown artist, which might not make such a great first impression, but with time I find myself listen to it again and again. Contemplatron´s debut Antarabhava - The Six Realms is exactly such an album for me, something that has grown on me more and more with time. Thus the release of Contemplatron´s second fullength album in the spring of 2008 was good news for me.

The Tibetan-influenced Polish artist has taken steps into new and more subtle directions. Partly this is a shame, and I somewhat miss the more simple sound of Antarabhava, dominated by analog synths and samples. This new album has been mastered by Peter Andersson (Raison D´Etre) and I must say that the sound has taken a distinct Peter Andersson-esque turn. More subtle, but also colder, especially in the beginning of the record where the sound is pretty concentrated in the high end of the sound spectrum. The record improves as it progresses, however, with tracks like Mandarava with it´s deep sounds and Lord of the Copper Mountain with churning Maëror Tri-esque rhythms.

As the record is influenced by Tibet´s spiritual tradition, it is quite natural that Contemplatron utlizes the profound music of the monasteries of Tibet, which has been a seminal influence in industrial music since the beginning. Unfortunately it is used quite sparingly. Chants can be heard on some tracks, hypnotic gyeling trumpets in short sequences at the end.

The tracks on this record are very different from each other. I am unable to decide if it is a good or bad thing. Delog is a very good ambient record, yet it lacks the defined style of Antarabhava, where Contemplatron´s uniqueness is more prominent. It feels as if the artist has taken steps to redefine his sound, which was not necessary.

Grade: 8

/John Björkman/

:: Discogs:
With the album "Delog" Jaroslaw Wierny continues his journey within the mysteries of tantric Tibetan Buddhism. Conceptually the album looks at the near death experience, where the soul is free to visit other mysterious realms, looking beyond the constraints and boundaries of our own world and perhaps offering an opportunity to find quick enlightenment. Musically this sits somewhere in the borderland between dark ambient and more droney lengthy ambient a la Oöphoi. The music has a sort of low key rumbling quality, sprinkled with (obvious and expected) Buddhist samples such as gongs and throat singing monks, overall though the audio-landscape is still rather sparse and appealing. Although I took to the artistic concept immediately it still required several listenings before I could even begin to appreciate the musical content as well. Rewarded with time and attention it soon began to captivate me, but unless you are prepared to offer these you should perhaps skip it in favour of something that offers a more immediate path to musical enlightenment.

Rated: 4/5


Höchst esoterischen Ambient mit Spektrum auf dem tibetanischen Buddhismus vollführen Contemplatron auf Delog - eine Dreiviertelstunde in einer anderen Bewusstseinsebene schweben und sich von der Schönheit des "anderen" Seins berauschen lassen. Tanzende Transzendenzflächen, Naturgeräusche (Wasser, Wind, Welt...), Gemurmel und Beschwörungsformeln verleihen Delog die richtige Basis, um sich auch geistig in die im Design des Digipaks ebenfalls wundervoll dargestellte Welt hineinfallen zu lassen. Ritual Ambient in seiner intensivsten Form.


/Thomas Sonder/

:: Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys (the Dead Music Union):
Aina joskus saa jotakin kautta käteensä levyn täysin tuntemattomalta artistilta, ja vaikka levyä ei aluksi pidä niin erikoisena, huomaa pitkänkin ajan päästä kuuntelevansa sitä yhä uudelleen ja uudelleen. Contemplatronin Antarabhava - The Six Realms on minulle juuri tuollainen levy, joka ajan myötä iskee yhä enemmän ja enemmän. Contemplatronin toisen kokopitkän ilmestyminen on siksi ainakin minulle ilouutinen.

Tiibetiläisestä henkisyydestä ammentava puolalaisartisti on ottanut askelia uusiin ja hienovaraisempiin suuntiin. Osittain tämä on harmi, ja jään hieman kaipaamaan Antarabhavan analogisyntikoita ja sampleja. Tämän levyn on masteroinut Peter Andersson (Raison D´etre) ja onkin sanottava että soundi on kehittynyt nimenomaan Peter Andersson-maiseen suuntaan. Hienovaraisempaa, mutta myös kylmempää. Levyn alkupää onkin nimenomaan hieman kylmän oloista menoa, osittain myös johtuen diskanttipainotteisesta äänestä. Pidemmälle mentäessä kuitenkin meno parantuu ja esimerkiksi kolmas raita Mandarava on jo oikein vaikuttavasti kumahteleva ja seuraavalla The Lord of the Copper Mountain:illa jylläävät voimakkaat Maëror Tri-henkiset rytmit.

Koska levy ammentaa tiibetin henkisestä perinteestä on luonnollista että Contemplatron hyödyntää myös samaisen kulttuurin upeaa luostarimusiikkia, joka on ollut alun perinkin industrial-musiikin tärkeä vaikute - valitettavasti vain melko säästeliäästi. Kurkkulaulua kuuluu siellä täällä ja hypnoottisesti raikuvia gyeling-trumpetteja kuullaan pieniä pätkiä vasta levyn loppuvaiheilla.

Levyn kappaleet ovat keskenään varsin erilaisia, enkä tiedä onko se tässä tapauksessa hyvä vai huono asia. Delog on kaikin puolin erittäin hieno ambient-albumi, mutta se ei mielestäni onnistu olemaan yhtä linjakas kuin Antarabhava, jossa Contemplatronin omat piirteet ovat voimakkaammin esillä. Tuntuu kuin artisti olisi vahvan alun jälkeen lähtenyt uudelleen hakemaan linjaansa, turhaan.

Kappaleita: 8

/John Björkman/

:: Gothronic:
Een man ligt in contemplatie op het zachte mos onder een boom aan de rand van het bos nabij een rustig stromend meertje. Zijn hartslag vertraagt en zijn lichaamstemperatuur neemt af. Zijn hartslag is zo traag als het kabbelen van het stroompje tegen de rand van het water. De man kan gezien worden een Delog, liggend zonder enig teken van leven voor enige dagen. De man heeft de drempel van de dood overschreden en is terug gekeerd om hierover te vertellen. Gedurende deze periode bereisd zijn geest andere dimensies om verlicht te raken en zijn ziel te reinigen.

Delog is de tweede uitgave van de Poolse ambient act Contemplatron op Wrotyzc, een tamelijk nieuw label met al enige waanzinnige uitgaven op zijn naam als Bocksholm en Necrophorus. Contemplatron is Jaroslaw Wiemy en maakt muziek vanuit de esoterische context van de Tibetaanse Boeddhistische filosofie. Muziek die rustig is met een meditatief karakter die de luisteraar meevoert naar andere niveaus van bestaan met drones en subtiele patronen.

Vluchtige melodieën ontwikkelen zich op zachte lagen van zoemende geluiden die je in slaap soezen naar andere dimensies en geestelijke niveaus. Gelaagde ambient subtiel gemixt met Tibetaanse rituele muziek met onder andere gongen en schalen. Er gebeurt veel in deze nummers die de aandacht van de luisteraar vast weten te houden en meenemen in deze beleving die begint met het geluid van golven in “She came and sat in Lhamo Lhatsö the lake of Visions”.Langzaam ontwikkelend met pulsen die je reisvaardig maken voor “Yeshe Tsögyal”. Meer percussie is er te horen in “The Lord of Copper Mountain” en “Downward to the spheres of suffering” met een ritualistisch gevoel . Als de leegte tussen leven en dood is als dit ben ik niet langer bang want dit is fantastische en fascinerende ambient met verleidelijke en bezwerende geluiden.

Acht sterke ambient stukken voordat je terug keert naar de echte wereld. Delog is een kwaliteit ambient uitgave met veel diversiteit en is bovendien prachtig verpakt in een hoes met kleurrijke mandala’s. Delog heeft een desolate en mysterieuze atmosfeer en is behoorlijk melodieus met van ver klinkende stemmen en gezang en traditionele invloeden op originele wijze vermengt hetgeen Contemplatron een eigen geluid geeft. Als de volgende CD nu ook nog wat dynamischer zou zijn zou het helemaal goed zijn.

Cijfer: 7.5


contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead PL

:: Mroczna Strefa:
Buddyzm tybetański traktuje człowieka nie jako pojedynczą figurę, lecz zawsze w odniesieniu do jego uniwersalnego tła. Podobnie tybetańska muzyka rytualna nie zajmuje się emocjami doczesnej indywidualności, lecz wiecznie obecnymi, bezczasowymi jakościami życia uniwersalnego, dla których osobiste radości i smutki nie istnieją. Dzięki niej odczuwamy jedność ze źródłami rzeczywistości w najgłębszych pokładach naszej istoty.

Taki cytat napisany przez Lamę Anagarika Govinda z "Drogi Białych Obłoków" zamieszczono we wkładce do drugiego albumu enigmatycznego projektu CONTEMPLATRON. Nie miałem okazji usłyszeć poprzedniego krążka, także wydanego przez Wrotycz Records, ale zakładam, że też wypełniały go dźwięki kontemplacyjne, wręcz medytacyjne, przepełnione buddyjsko-tybetańską filozofią, ale nie pozbawione delikatnych eksplozji niepokoju. Tym razem udajemy się, zgodnie ze wskazówkami autora tego polskiego wbrew pozorom tworu, w podróż kogoś, kogo nazywa się w buddyzmie mianem deloga - osoby, która - w uproszczeniu - przekroczyła próg śmierci, by wynieść z tego doświadczenia stan oświecenia duszy.

Jeśli jeszcze nadal nie wiecie co zawiera ten album, to uproszczę powyższe wywody w ten sposób: oto przed Wami naprawdę przestrzennie brzmiąca wędrówka przez dźwięki spod znaku dark ambient. Dla kogoś, komu bliskie są dokonania (zwłaszcza te wcześniejsze) RAISON D'ETRE, i ten album spodoba się z racji jego duchowego, mistycznego charakteru. Tu na równi potraktowane są odgłosy przyrody, misterna pajęczyna utkana przez płynące łagodnie syntezatory oraz różne instrumenty o orientalnej proweniencji i z rzadka odzywające się głosy czy burzące chwilami nastrój spokoju industrialne wtręty.

Wbrew pozorom, to nie jest jednak tak monotonny i nużący album, jak by się mogło wydawać. Mastering wykonał sam Peter Andersson z przywoływanego w tej recenzji RAISON D'ETRE, więc nie mogło być inaczej. Każdy dźwięk brzmi klarownie, czytelnie i przywołuje konkretne obrazy. A jakie? Włączcie własną wyobraźnię i sami się o tym przekonajcie. Może uda się przy tym przeżyć specyficzne oświecenie?...

Ocena: 8/10


contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead
contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead

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contemplatron dark ambient tibetan book of the dead